Music From Miracles

My entire life is one, beautiful, grace-filled miracle. Having been a child abandoned at birth, I received the gift of being adopted as a child. The entire story is a ground shaking movement of Grace. It includes being found by biological family that looked for me for fourteen years and standing before the man, who with one signature, turned and abandoned me before I was born. But that was a soul swept gift that truly gave me new life. I met that man, decades later who, with incredible courage and a pen in hand, had changed the course of my future. I am forever grateful. My music and artistry, in every form, sings from the miracle of my life.

My life is music from miracles. My message is miracles from a mess.

I was playing the piano by the time I was three years old. I can't remember not being a musical artist. In elementary school I would gather up my class friends during recess, teach them songs and dance movements, and then we would perform them for the class after recess. I was a professional musician by the time I was twelve years old. I can't imagine my musical life without my adoptive parents and the nurturing of the church I grew up in to share my musical gifts. It was only after graduating from college with a Music Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, and a Masters Degree in Education, then later a Master of Divinity, that I began to realize the incredible power of music to transcend, unite, teach compassion, soothe souls, and remove barriers between humanity. 

Whether serving in a church, piano pedagogy, creating music, or performing music, I've learned that humanity needs music. It's often the spark that draws us into the light of unity. It's the fire that lights the hope of healing and a new day. It's the warmth that wraps us in compassion with action. Its very essence reminds us of our need for one another, that we are more alike than different, but celebrating our diversity is the true chorus written for humanity. It's transforming and transcending...with the ability to remind us of a shared past, yet sing us into a brand new day.

That's why music is my Heartbeat. My Passion.  My Music from Miracles. 

The world needs more musical artists. I teach. Humans need to know this isn't the end of the story. I sing. Our souls need soothing. I play. We are storytellers at heart. I create music videos. One story of Grace can change a life. So, I speak.