Music that expresses life

Music expresses what we all want to say, but can never find the words. In my album "When Forever Found Us", living, loving, and loss are expressed in my piano melodies singing with the adventure that life brings. This song "Last Dance In Autumn" is one of my favorites anytime of the year. Full of yearning and the poetic "fields" of the changing seasons in life, it's a swirling mix of melancholy, of living and letting go, and of the past and new beginnings.

Meditation music

Sometimes we just need that moment of escape woven with quiet clarity, and my rhapsodic melodies will take you there. From my album "Stained Glass Set Free", this ancient plainsong melody breathes a simplicity into your being, and if you listen closely, perhaps you'll hear an ancient chorus of voicing I've added to the enchanting tones.

Music for Relaxation

When I wrote this song, I was imagining the spell that summer nights seems to cast upon us. As shadows lengthen, and a silken curtain falls across the horizon inviting fireflies to dance across the lawn in twinkling flight, time seems endless-and the "rush" of life fades away. This song "Summer Nights" is from my album: Never Just Black & White. Like so much of my music, it's a lean back and relax listening style.

Music for romance & Weddings